“We make this possible" - Jay Prag
For Hassem Prag it is about sharing our knowledge and experience to make help others in their success with a very personal touch as we recognize the uniqueness in us all.
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“We make this possible” – Jay Prag


We Advise

Advisory is the core of our business which focuses on building a relationship with customers and ensuring we fully understand their specific needs. Advisory is not only about producing a document or presentation but rather be intimately involved with all stakeholders to create a value proposition allowing customers to select the best available option. Our advisory services are based on providing a personalized view of the world allowing our team to focus on the outcomes and deliverables with a transfer of knowledge to our customers. Imparting knowledge with a personal touch helps to build trust, respect and integrity.


We Design

We understand that customers have invested large amounts of monies on their technology stack. Our designs begin by understanding your business need, your outcomes and your technology stack. We design with your people using all the facts and ideas gathered and then drive the evaluation of various options to ensure design thinking with all stakeholders is managed through a set of lean and mean principles. We create a learning environment with customers to ensure the knowledge and way of working creates empowered teams.


We Build

Depending on the complexity of the system or components being designed, we manage the build using an agile framework that embodies iterative development cycles with a continuous development and integration process to ensure quality and user satisfaction. This allows for the ability to fail quickly (days versus months)  and utilize the various options available to review and refactor quickly. In this manner the solution is delivered to the end user in a more comprehensive way ensuring full stakeholder participation from idea to concept to build. The learning experience and empowered approach helps build innovative teams within an agile framework allowing for design thinking to blossom.


We Deploy

The ability to ensure learning happens from our advisory stages into design and build allows for capability to be operationalized with your own resources. The real test is whether you can run, manage and maintain the systems yourselves without our guidance. We pride ourselves on making this possible.